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120g Reef Ready, Lights, Sump, Pumps, Stand, Rock $825


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Wife says everything must go!

Will sell pieces or you can have EVERYTHING (tanks, stands, lights, skimmers, etc) for $825

Tank and Stand: $480 (unit price)

  • 120g Display With Center Overflow, drilled in back. (60" long x 18" wide x 25" tall) no chips/scratches
  • 55g Sump
  • Custom Stand and Canopy (build complete, ready for your custom paint/stain, will supply paint and supplies, baby grand high gloss black finish paint and supplies provided)
  • Pump and plumbing
  • Red Sea Berlin X2 Skimmer
  • Additional Backup Black Stand (no skin, but functional for making a built-in unit)
  • 2 14db High Speed 120mm Fans for Canopy
  • 120 lbs of previously live rock
  • 40 gallon Breeder tank for activating rock back to live rock status

Lights: $800 (for all lighting kits)

  • 48" wide Dual 250w Metal Halide with 2 T8's, ballast, moguls, reflector. Complete Retro Kit: $250
  • 36" wide Single 400w Metal Halide, ballast, mogul, reflector. Complete Retro Kit: : $150
  • 24" wide Single 250w Metal Halide, ballast, mogul, reflector. Complete Retro Kit: $125
  • 48" wide T5 4x54w bulb hanging future with bulbs: $190
  • T5 Retro Kit with Workhorse 5 Ballast, 3 pairs of end caps, reflectors and wiring: $50
  • 48" wide CoralVue 6 Bulb T5/LED 10 high 1 watt LEDs, Hanging kit, and Legs http://www.aquacave....-legs-3030.html : $250
  • 36" wide CoralVue 6 Bulb T5/LED 7 high 1 watt LEDs, Hanging kit, and legs http://www.aquacave....-legs-3029.html (ballasts are all good, but has a wire that it making one ballast not fire (no time to find the wire)) $150

Misc: $55

  • RedSea Hang-on Skimmer: $55

Phone: 512.635.8050 --- first reasonable offer takes it all.

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