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Hello from Houston


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Just saying hi. Tank is 1year and 2months old since I put livestock. Add another 2 since set up. FTS are old. Will update later.


r30 open refugium

rs80 skimmer (awesome!)

tunze return pump

4xtunze 6045 ph's (k4s pictured)

GFO in a two little fishies reactor

chaeto, mangroves, sea lettuce in the fuge

4xt5ho [ice cap reflectors, 3xati blue plus 1xati blue special]

added fine sand to brighten up the tank but I need some sifters

doing 12 hour dawn-dusk with a break in the middle of the noon cycle 2xati blue plus not overdriven

with ~6ish hour afternoon 1xati blue special 1xati blue plus

RBTA recent split and I kept the smaller of the two, it's gotten smaller since the pic but I wasn't feeding at all so I started again and it's getting better

20 trochus snails

20+ dwarf ceriths

10 ceriths

10-ish zig zag snails

1 margarita

1 seahare

*my sunbream hunts the snails when they fall so those numbers are inaccurate.

Various SPS mostly ORA, some Tyree, I don't really care for the most part.

Mushroom leather, hammer, neon green candycane, blastomussa

paired tank-raised clowns (female is huge)

paired lyretail anthias (one kind of is showing a little color change)

banana fish (Small Toothed Whiptail, Blue and Yellow Sea Bream, Pentapodus caninus)

blue-green chromis

paired skunk cleaners



Anyone know the ID of this guy? Gotta get a recent pic. It color morphed to purple/white


1-3 days worth



will try and get updated pics soon!!!

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"Anyone know the ID of this guy? Gotta get a recent pic. It color morphed to purple/white"


Looks like an Oregon tort to me, however if I'm wrong someone will point it out. ;) The white has got me a little confused.


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