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Tank Doom


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Due to a recent blunder with my tank, I lost a little over half of my fish. This is what I have left:

• Coral Beauty Angel (1)

• Flame Hawkfish (1)

• Pink Skunk Clown (2)

• Blue Green Chromis (2)

• Marine Betta (1)

• Yellow Tang (1)

• Purple Tang (1)

• Green Coris Wrasse (1)

• Sixline Wrasse (1)

• Secretive Wrasse (1)

I am going to wait a while before restocking since some of my fish are still a little sickly, but this is what I am thinking of getting:

• Chevron Tang (1)

• Bellus Angel Pair

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yeah, had a crash too and lost our helfrichi's, blenny, mexican turbo's, and crab. bye.gif

extremely sad, actually cried over the blenny.

looking to get a tail spot blenny and another helfrichi in a few months, as well as more snails and crabs.

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All my coral lived. I haven't lost any. :D The zoa frags you gave me are looking a little bit odd but I think they are just healing.

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I had a major ich outbreak because I introduced too many fish into the system at the same time.

Which were the new fish introduced after the transition into the 185? I didn't realize you'd already been introducing things.

Also, regarding the Bellus pair - when you get closer to wanting to make the move on them, let Jake at RCA know to keep an eye out for you. Bellus pairs have been very off & on lately, so it might take a couple weeks to source some that are already paired, and introduce them simultaneously.

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