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New Hanna Instruments


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We are currently in the final stages of completing an expansion of the Hanna Checker family of products that will measure:

* Alkalinity

* Calcium

* Nitrate

The goal is to have these solutions available by July. We are also looking at a secondary phase after the completion of these three parameters.

Thank you again for your feedback. I want to make myself available on questions and suggestions.



[email protected]

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Posted on the Hanna forum on RC about two weeks ago:

Ammonia: 30-60 days

Nitrate: 60-90 days

Alkalinity: to be determined

Calcium: to be determined

Magnesium: to be determined

The $50 pricing includes reagents for 25 tests. After 25 tests it looks to be $8.99 for another 25 tests for each type.

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