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Now, this is interesting


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I went on a little shopping spree this weekend. One of my stops was Fishy Business where I picked up the following:

- A small tank raised True Perc Clownfish

- A small LTA

- A medium Orange Linkia Starfish

All three were in different tanks. Now, the hope was that the clown would pair up with the LTA. What actually happened is much different. In two days, the clown has not strayed from the starfish. It really looks like he is hosting with the starfish. I have heard of tank raised clowns hosting in bubble corals, hammers, even torch corals, but a starfish?

Has anyone ever seen this before?

A few (not so good) pics from my iphone:



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I actually almost bought that clown on Friday.. I bought another one that he had in the same tank, which seems equally confused. The first couple of days I had him home he wouldn't leave the surface at one corner of the tank. Yesterday I added a second little perc, and, while neither seems interested in the anemones, they have at least left the corner. At this point it looks like they're showing more interest in one of my kenya trees than the anemone that is less than 6" away.

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I had a lonely gold banded maroon who, after her mate died and her GBT decided to end it all in the powerhead, took a fancy to my giant Derasa clam. The clam wouldn't budge when she loved on it, but if you passed your hand under the light, it would still flinch.


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