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29 gal. Tank for Sale w/ extras


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Hi there,

I have a 29 gal. project that never took off so I want to just get rid of it. This includes a 29 gal. tank, the metal stand, a 30" Coralife dual HO T5 2x 31 watt light that has never been used, a Red Sea Prizm HOB skimmer that has never done me wrong, and 30-40 lbs of dry rock that I started curing and never finished. The rock comes in large as well as small and medium sizes. I will also throw in a Skimmer/Wet/Dry filter/Auto Top off system that doesn't come with pumps and the ATO is lacking a bit too but this is what it is similar too (they could be the same thing but I am not 100%) http://www.aquaticho...s/tomwetdry.asp Its the #13160 second on the page and I'll give you a very large, not meant for this tank overflow box too if you want it. Here are some pictures. Oh and the light on the tank is just the standard light not the Coralife which you can have too.

Also I forgot, the Coralife is lacking the actinic light. I took that bulb and put in a 10,000k so it's two 10,000ks and I have an extra ColorMax Bulb that Ill put with it too

$250 for all of it. I really just want it all gone at once.

post-1053-035762600 1277308503_thumb.jpg

post-1053-038206900 1277308591_thumb.jpg

post-1053-042849400 1277308618_thumb.jpg

post-1053-012185400 1277308648_thumb.jpg

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