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10 Gallon setup

Tunze nano skimmer $60

JBJ hang on 70 watt MH pendant and ballast $75

Custom made ATO with 3 Gallon holding tank $25

Maxijet 400,600 and 900 $10 each

50 watt heater $10

11 pounds of live rock $40

8 - 10 pounds of crushed coral substrate $10

Custom made Kaulk Reactor (needs a seal for lid) $40 w/ pump $30 without

Selection of Seachem Carbon Calcium Alkalinity Magnesium etc.. $20

Other fittings, tubing, plumbing $20

All of it for $220 and includes tank and stand

All of it about a year and a half old.

I have 2 jobs and just no time right now.

I can put up other pics after I take it down.

Thanks for the interest.

post-55-065164100 1277179544_thumb.jpg

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Here are the Pictures of the Reactor and ATO

Kaulk Reactor stands 12 inches tall and is 7 inches wide with pump (Maxi 400 or 600 will fit)

and has fittings on top for 1/4 hose

ATO holding tank is 22 inches tall 6 inches square and almost holds 3 gallons of water

post-55-071197500 1277265849_thumb.jpg

post-55-012549300 1277265877_thumb.jpg

post-55-043862400 1277265902_thumb.jpg

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Hello Hello

I still have the

Maxijet 900 and in tank filter


Live Rock


Kaulk Reactor

Auto top off

Selection of chemicals

Misc part and such



Look at the pics and if needed I can answer any questions or put up more pics


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