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FS Rose Bubbletip Anemone (RBTA) $90


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My rose split about 4 days ago. The mother was originally about 12" in diameter. The clone is about 4-5" extended. It is currently still hiding under the rock, so I'll post a pic of it as soon as it comes out fully. Pre-split photo has the krypto candy canes at left. Post split the clone is shown with clown and eggs (orange dots) and momma shown post-split is the pic with just a fish tail on the right. The clone is the one for sale

Base and mouth are purplish, the tips get incredibly bright. Pic with the candy canes is most indicative of color, my MH lights were glaring in the other photos.

post-884-086837500 1277172127_thumb.jpg

post-884-017593900 1277172515_thumb.jpg

post-884-027413000 1277172682_thumb.jpg

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