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Shroom and leather of some kind


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Hi guys, this is my first time selling on the forum, so be gentle.

Leathers = $30

Green Strip mushroom colony = $30 (Aquaria Central has them for $35 per)

I've got a small leather... there are actually two on this rock. A good picture of another green stripe mushroom is in this pic.

post-981-058262000 1276980492_thumb.jpg

There's also a small shell with 3 green stripe mushrooms on it. One is nickel to quarter size, the other is dime size, the third is eraser sized. There may be a fourth, but it would be really small. Sorry for the crummy picture. These have been on the rock for months, so they are very well attached.

post-981-088906400 1276980523_thumb.jpg

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