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Too many zoas!


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I'm getting overrun by some of my zoas, so I'm looking to offload. These will be freshly cut and unmounted unless otherwise noted.

The first is four full-sized and four baby green protopalys on a frag plug. They're in my sump in poor light right now, so they've browned over, but they'll color up fine once they're under decent lighting. Asking $10

Next is about 20 blow pops on a frag plug. They're much like the Eye of Rah in coloration, except they don't have the strong blue in the disc. Asking $25

I've got tons of Radioactive Dragon Eyes. Asking $1.50/polyp, min 10 polyps

I also have a mass of dragon eyes that have broken off of the main colony. I'm guessing there are 75 polyps or so. Asking $60 for the whole mass

Green Bay Packers, $2/polyp, min 10 polyps

Chocolate mint wagon wheels. Deep brown skirts and discs with a mint green starburst in the center $3/polyp, min 5 polyps

Eye of Rah. These have really nice coloration with a strong blue disc. $2/polyp, min 5 polyps

I can also make some Gorilla Nipple (not pictured) frags if anyone's interested. $1/polyp, min 10

Trades are always welcome - make me an offer!

post-827-004099000 1276973653_thumb.jpg

post-827-080661000 1276973664_thumb.jpg

post-827-095596300 1276973680_thumb.jpg

post-827-004898100 1276973694_thumb.jpg

post-827-035939800 1276973709_thumb.jpg

post-827-011706400 1276974147_thumb.jpg

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Derry's Eye of Ra's are great and the dragon's eyes too. My colony was growing very quickly until I fracked them up. My wife's PMing you about more dragon eye and the blow pop.

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I would like to stop by tomorrow and take some of those off your hands. I live in CP as well. Please let me know what time would work & I will come over.



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Hey Derry,

Just wanted to say Thanks for the Zoas. The Dragons are really vibrant and the Gorrilla morphs are expanding nicely as well.

Kev got them all glued down to some shell frags and they are opening up nicely even the bits of the rebels Ra.

Have a great week.

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Hey, DR!

Glad you like 'em! I can't wait to see how your palys open up in the morning. Sorry I didn't have more time to be a better host - I'll work on that next time. ; )

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