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-SOLD-<<SPS FRAGS on plugs ready to go>>


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checking interest on some FRESH cut frags.


Ora Pearlberry $20

Royal Blue Tenius $30 SOLD

Neon Green Tort $10

Brown with blue tip Digi $10

Pink Lemonade $40 SOLD

So on the rack from front to rear Left to right

Pink Lemonade (left front)

Royal Blue Tenius (center front)

(2) ORA Pearlberry (right front)

Brown Digi (left rear)

Neon Green Tor t(right rear)

the Pink lemonade is gone and tenius, i now hv added 2 nice frags of PINKJADE and the reast of the stuff on rack. Never made it to LFS


post-395-021073200 1277583860_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the frags, Jeremy. They are mounted and already extended and happy under the moon lights. Tomorrow, I'll post some pics of them before the actinics shut off when they were still a bit upset.

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