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Our Ponies


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We got these from Rockin Reef in February. We've had them for a couple of months. They were both unsexed. I was hoping for 2 females. Looks like we have a male and a female.

Here are some pics from the first couple of days. I still need to work on my bowfront skills. :)






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These ponies really are something. I really enjoy seeing them in the recent images of the board index.Any chance you will shoot a movie of them for us?

Yes I am trying to get a vid when we feed. They attack the eye dropper.

is that the Dragons Breath Macro Algae that I gave you? Everything is looking great. Good work.

Yes sir it is and thanks.

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Your ponies look better in color than mine...so does Whitney's....I must be a bad Mama!!!!

Very pretty Dave and Robin...I am glad all is well...I think I will add more red to my tank to see if i can get them back to yellow or a salt and pepper.....

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