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Catching Damsels


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Without destroying the tank? Yea. Good luck. :)

I had to catch 2 sgt. majors, an almost 4" yellow tail, an 18" snowflake eel and 4 orbicular cardinals out of my tank (they came with it, after moving it and setting it back up I was dumb enough to put all those ugly monsters back in... well, the eel was beautiful but the fish were not)... none were under 3".

I tried the hook and line... didn't work for me but I'm not much of a fisher woman (it was actually a pretty horrific failure of an experience and hard on the fish. Something I personally would not ever try again). I didn't try a trap, but my fish were pretty dang canny. I tried floating a net with food in the tank and the fish weren't about to fall for that.

100+lbs of rock removal later I did catch all the *$@!>-ing fish.

I learned a valuable lesson: fish go in the tank much easier than they come out. Makes me think a little harder about what I add.

I wish you luck. Lots of it. Try a fish trap.

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I usually just put a small sheet of acrylic in the tank to corner off an area, then put some food behind it. The fish will swim behind the acrylic, then I just move it so that it is sealed in the corner.

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