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What kind of Worms??


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I am sorry but I am unable to take a picture of these worms because they only come out at night and when i turn the lights on the quickly go back into the rocks. Best description is long and can extend very far. Some are about the width of a pencil and some are small. They are white and tube like. Seems like they come out of a hole in one rock to feed on parts of another. Dont have a head of any kind just the standard evolutionary tube with in a tube design. Any ideas? Harmful? how do I get rid of them if I cant get to them...Just happened to get up in the middle of the night last night and turned on my light in my room and saw them.


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For sure not a bristle worm. This is defiantly a coelomate that seems unsegmented but not sure. This worm is for sure not as evolutionarily advanced as a bristle worm. seems to have an opening for a round mouth. I don't see any bristles out of the mouth just looks smooth and circular. Similar to a peanut worm but it is not green or black of any kind. Just white, but it could be an ancestor the the peanut worm or they are just genetically off in coloration. Anymore ideas?

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