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Current Recirculating skimmer


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I bought this skimmer off ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Current-Fission-225-Protein-Skimmer-NIB_W0QQitemZ180490872762QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2a061827ba

(I got the smaller 150 version) and it arrived today.


Price $50 shipped

Size (rated for 150 for my ~40 gal of water volume)

recirculating pump (very quiet) and produces very fine bubbles


Collection cup was broken upon arrival (was able to fix it very easily with plastic epoxy)

Large footprint (is dominating my 20 gal sump)

does not come with feeder pump (although i had a maxi jet 900 left over from my backpack and this is powering it fine)

Control knob (i had to use pliers to adjust it)

I will update about how well it skims and how easy it is to tune/stays tuned

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Avoid like the plague, the pump is the loudest thing i have ever heard.

looks like im going to have to save up for a new skimmer (failed experiment)

looks like the saying that its too go to be true in this hobby is correct again

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I have just decided that i will only run the skimmer three days a week thurs-sun (im in college so the fact that my skimmer is loud will not matter with the other distractions that are present) since the skimmer is rated for 150 gal and my total water volume is somewhere between 30-40 gallons i would think that this would be fine. Any thoughts?

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I would set it so it runs every day during the day when you are out at class etc. and I would see if you can replace the recirculating pump with one that is quieter. That may be a cheaper next step rather than buying another skimmer.

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