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Looking to borrow a 120mm hole saw


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I want to put some fans in my canopy and thought I would see if anyone has 120mm hole saw I could borrow for about 30 minutes (plus travel time to and from my garage).

Sure wish Home Depot rented this type of stuff at like a buck an hour or something (seems like a money making deal for them)


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For holes that big, it can be tough to find a hole saw available in that size. I usually use the hole + scroll saw or jigsaw method. You just draw on the circle, drill the start point (inside the circle) and go to town with the saw. It takes a bit longer, but it works just as well and in my experience still ends up being pretty circular. If you have a fan grill you can cover any hole imperfections perfectly. If you're doing it in sheet metal, I'd just replace the scroll/jigsaw with a dremel tool with a cutoff bit.

Also could be an excuse to buy a router :cool:

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