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  1. Thanks guys! I'm back to support the entire reefing community. Just Reef has some really cool ideas ahead! Stay tuned!
  2. No, Thank you guys for all the continued support!
  3. Don't miss out! Live coral fragging event with Austin Reef Club Saturday May, 21st Hope to see you there! --Just Reef Team--
  4. New Livestock Arrival: Atlantic Pygmy Angel Flame Angel Orange Anthias Female Starry Blenny Long Horned Cowfish Copperband Butterfly Banner (Bangai) Cardinal Orbic (Pajama) Cardinal Black & Gold Chromis Green Chromis Aiptasia Eating File Firefish Goby Arc Eye Hawk Spotted Hawk Cuban Hogfish Blue Spot Jawfish Volitan Lionfish Dogface Puffer Erectus Seahorse Black California Stingray Blue (Hippo) Tang Naso Tang Haw Powder Blue Surgeon Powder Brown Surgeon Sailfin Tang Vlamingi Tang Humu Humu Trigger Niger Trigger Melanarus Wrasse Ornate Leopard Wrasse Purple Lobster Green Frilly (Lettuce) Slug Emperor Shrimp: Red Fire Shrimp Harlequin Shrimp Pistol Shrimp: Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp: Tiger Sexy Shrimp AG ReefPods Tisbe 8oz Tons of Coral Frags SPS/LPS/Softies *We hope to see you in this weekend* --Just Reef Team--
  5. New Livestock Arrival: Choati Wrasse (Super Rare!!) aka "Joke Wrasse" Powder Blue Tang (LG) Velvet Fairy Wrasse Marshall Pair Leopard Wrasse Bipartitus Diamond Goby Green Mandarin Goby Leopard bipartitus Euphyilla torch yellow Red Fromia starfish Snails (asst) Scarlett Hermit crabs Zoa Frags *We hope to see you in this --Just Reef Team
  6. New Livestock Arrival: Achilles Tang Sohal Tang (RS) Goldrim Tang Purple Tang (RS) Powder Brown Tang Yellow Tangs Blue Hippo Tang Yellow Eye Tang Leopard Wrasse (Male) Christmas Wrasse Melanarus Wrasse Cleaner Wrasse Copperband Butterfly Potters Angel Flame Angel Firefish Goby Mandarin Gobies Diamond Gobies Tailspot Blenny Twin Spot Goby Rainford Goby Snowflake Flurry Clownfish Royal Gramma Cleaner Shrimp Fire Shrimp Pistol Shrimp Nassarius Snails Emerald Crab Red Leg Hermits Turbo Snails *We hope to see you in this Week --Just Reef Team
  7. New Livestock Arrival: Potter Leopard Wrasse Leopard Wrasse's (M/F) Christmas Wrasse (M) Chevron Tang (Juv) Goldrim Tang Naso Tang Kole Tang Heniochus Butterfly's Midas Blenny Half Black Angel Crocea Clam Gold Maxima Clam Zoa Frags Rainbow Anemone *We hope to see you in this weekend! --Just Reef Team
  8. Just Reef wants to THANK YOU for your continued support! Save the date: BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE! November 27-November 29th, 2015 We hope to see you in, --Just Reef Team
  9. Our tusk was sold. Let us know if your interested in one! Thanks! --Just Reef Team
  10. Thank you! We are glad they went to a good home! We look forward to seeing you in soon!
  11. New Livestock Arrival: Snowflake Clowns (pair) Pygmy Angel Diamond Gobies Blue Hippo Tang Red Dragonet Twin Spot Goby Rainford Goby Green Mandarin Gobies Strawberry Pseudo Christmas Wrasse Purple Lobster Cleaner Shrimp Fire Shrimp White Cap Goby w/ Shrimp (rare) Harlequin Tusk (Aus) LG Epaulette Shark (Aus) New Coral Arrival: Speckled Bower Lobophyllia Super (Aus) Acan Lord Rainbow Frags Ultra Chalice Frags Hammer Frags Gold Torch Frag New Zoas Frags (Buy 1, get the rest half off) *We hope to see you in this week! --Just Reef Team
  12. New Livestock Arrival: Coral Beauty Pygmy Angel Royal Gramma Neon Goby Lemon Butterfly Powder Blue Tang Blue Eye Tang Surge Wrasse Balteatus Fairy Wrasse (Pair) Black Ribbon Eel Snowflake Eel Blue Legged Hermit Scarlett Hermit New Coral Arrival: Bicolor Hammer Green Torch (LG) Ultra Bowerbankii FrogSpawn (LG) Ultra Acan Frags New Zoas Frags (Buy 1, get the rest half off) *We hope to see you in this week! --Just Reef Team
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