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  1. NTRF is offering presale raffle tickets for the special price of $20.00 for 30 tickets. You will be able to pick your tickets up at the Frag Swap. In the message box please put NTRF Frag Swap and amount. If you would like to get the special offer please send your Pay pal payment to [email protected] Please put NTRF Frag Swap in subject line and just say how many you want. This offer will end on Wensday Oct 14th at 11:59
  2. Just 17 day to go http://northtexasreeffanatics.org/forum/showthread.php?5114-October-Coral-Frag-Swap Raffle Bulk Reef Supply: 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity Total Package with Dosers $200.00 Plus value Air Water & Ice: TYPHOON III RODI REEFKEEPER 100 GPD $189.95 value Rod's Fish Food Hanna Equipment Reef Nutrition products: 2 sets valued at over $165 each SpectraPure: RO/DI unit Media reactor $100.00 value Caribe Sea: 40 lbs. life rock $149.99 Penn Plax: Cascade 700 canister filter 2 air pod backup battery air pumps valued at each$65.00 57 oz. Pro Carb carbon Seachem: Aquavitro supplements, Reef Fusion part A and B reef glue Marineland: 36"-48" reef capable led light $200.00 plus value 5-gallon nano tank $100.00 plus value Cameron Settle:9x5 protein skimmer riser stand
  3. North Texas Reef Fanatics October Coral Frag Swap North Texas Reef Fanatics will be having its fall frag swap on Saturday, October, 17, 2015. The event will be open to all members and guests and to the public as well. Location Richardson Civic Center Parks Rooms 411 West Arapaho Road Richardson, TX 75080 Date Saturday,October,17,2015 Event Schedule Setup: 8:00am to 11:00am Open Doors 11:00am-3:00pm Clean Up 3:00pm-4:00pm Vendors: Dynamic Reef Systems HighDefCorals ARK Aquatics Hobbyist Mark Sherita Eduardo Lopez(Oklahoma) C5thomas Half table $20.00 premium members/$35.00 nonmembers Full table $35.00 premium members/$45.00 non-members Vendor table price $75.00 For securing a table in advance, payment must be made. Secure payment can be made via paypal to [email protected] http://northtexasreeffanatics.org/forum/showthread.php?5114-October-Coral-Frag-Swap
  4. Checkout the list of hobbyist and vendors that are attending the Frag Swap WWW.NORTHTEXASREEFFANATICS.ORG/FORUMS
  5. Three weeks away. Great vendors and corals will be there. 1.Joe Reborn 2.Joe Reborn 3.Avhornet 4. Deanb 5.BlueWaterTropicals 6.BlueWaterTropicals 7.Fritz 8. Fritz 9.I-Jam 10.I-Jam 11.Jason Fox 12.Jason Fox 13. Aznnutty's Saltwater Connections 14. Aznnutty's Saltwater Connections 15. Aznnutty's Saltwater Connections 16. Aznnutty's Saltwater Connections 17. Dynamic Reefer 18. Kenyon 19. Detroit Rodeo 20.Albert 21.Reef Remedies 22.Reef Remedies 23.High Def 24.High Def 25. sherita 26. sherita 27. Celebrityovernight 28. Mark http://northtexasreeffanatics.org/forum/showthread.php?3153-NTRF-March-Coral-Frag-Swapt]
  6. North Texas Reef Fanatics would like to invite everyone to catch the First event of Coral Vendors and Hobbyist of 2014 at the North Texas Reef Fanatics Frag Swap. It will be held at the Richardson Civic Center giving us plenty of room for everyone to showcase their corals and room for all potential buyers to walk around and mingle with friends. Admission to the event is free for members and guests Location- Richardson Civic Center Parks Rooms 411 West Arapaho Road Richardson, TX 75080 Date March 15th,2014 Event Schedule - Set Up March 14th,2014 5:00pm to 11:00pm Set Up March 15th,2014 8:00am to 10:00am Open Doors 10:30am-2:30pm Clean Up 2:30pm-3:30pm Vendors Attending High Def Corals Jason Fox Ijam Corals Permian Reef Connection Half table $10.00 members/$15.00 nonmembers Full table $20.00 members/$25.00 non members For securing a table in advance, payment must be made prior to the day of the event. Secure payment can be made via paypal to [email protected] List of raffle prizes soon to be announced
  7. NTRF is offering presale raffle tickets for the special price of $20.00 for 25 tickets. This offer will go thru Friday 10 pm. You will be able to pick your tickets up at the Frag Swap. In the message box please put NTRF Frag Swap, amount and your full name. If you would like to get the special offer please send your Paypal payment to [email protected] You must be present to win
  8. Steve Tyree will not make it. But Jason Fox will be at the swap. There is still a few spots left if anyone would like to set up and sell your frags. http://www.jasonfoxsignaturecorals.com
  9. From Cad Lights I'm excited to be able to offer you guys special discounted pricing on all pre-orders made between now and Wed Aug 14th and I will bring them with me to the Frag Swap on Aug 24th for you to pick up. I will need everyone's orders by 5:00pm on Aug 14th in order to allow for shipping and ensure it arrives here in time for the show. I will have much of the equipment set up and running on display at the show so everyone can see it in action and touch it and play with it and get a good feel for how well it performs and the quality of workmanship. Also when you pick up*your order at the show, I will be available to answer all of your questions regarding how to set it up, use and maintain it, or anything else you need help with so that you can bring it home and put it to use right away to*start enhancing and improving the water quality in your tank. I will be offering 20% off all skimmers and reactors as well as our 2013 Starfire Glass AIO 4g Pico with LED lighting! I have included pricing with links got each item below so you can easily find what you're looking for on the website. Please pm or email me your orders so that I can keep the Frag Swap orders separate from other orders. And feel free to call me if you have any questions about our products and how they can help make your...... Thanks! Lindsey Nano Reactor (Bio-pellets, GFO, Carbon) Reg. Price $89.99 You pay $71.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=226 Full Control BR-1 Conic Media Reactor (750ml capacity) Reg. Price $174.99 You pay $139.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=213 New BR-2 Conic Media Reactor (Aquariums 200-1500g) Reg. Price $349.99 You pay$279.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=254 NEW PLS-50 Nano Pipeless Skimmer (10G-50G Rating) Reg. Price $110.00 You pay $88.00 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=259 *Award Winning* Super Space Saving Pipe-less Skimmer (up to 100g) Reg. Price $174.99 You pay $139.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=235 NEW PLS-200 Pipeless Conic Skimmer (180G-300G) Reg. Price $525.00 You pay $419.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=260 NEW PLS-300 Pipeless Conic Skimmer (300G-400 Rating) Reg. Price $650.00 You pay $519.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=261 TIA-1150 2nd Generation Conic Skimmer (up to 150g) Reg. Price $224.99 You pay $179.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=202 TIA-1220 2nd Generation Conic Skimmer (up to 250g) Reg. Price $382.99 Sale Price $329.99 You pay $263.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=251 TIA-1350 2nd Generation Conic Skimmer (up to 350g) Reg. Price $496.99 Sale Price $474.99 You pay $379.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=204 2013 Starfire Glass Euro Pico 4g LED Reef System Reg. Price $159.99 Sale Price $129.99 You pay $103.99 http://www.cadlights.com/index.php?m...roducts_id=183 Remember, not only will you be getting an amazing product when you buy our equipment but if you purchase it at the special pricing for this one-day event, you'll be getting it for a better price than you could get anywhere else, AND you'll have a true professional there to show you how to set it up and use it and answer any questions you may have. 817-320-5290 [email protected]
  10. Permian Reef Connection will be at the Frag Swap .They will have large Ultra Clams, SPS and LPS corals. Permian Reef Connection will also be donate one 5" Ultra Blue Maxima Clam for the raffle valued at $180. http://permianreefconnection.com/
  11. There will be great vendors and local hobbyist at the Frag Swap. Hope some of y'all can make the trip up for the Frag Swap Venders that will at the Frag Swap: Steve Tyree,Rift2Reef,Highdef Coral ,Aquarium Oddballs, CAD Lights & Aquariums, Rapid LEDS and Planet Aquarium.
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