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  1. Hello fellow reefers, I have an unused Aqamai KPS wave maker for sale. The reason for me to sale it, is because is too small for my aquarium. It has a flow rate of 370-1050 GPH I have also 3D printed a wave box ( just in case is need it) for it that can be use with Tunze magnets frame. I am asking $120.00. Please contact me via email for more details at "[email protected]" Take care.
  2. The Salty Zapper, is a device that will kill Majano and Aiptasia anemones with out the use of chemical, also the Salty Zapper is battery operated. I hope this answers your question.
  3. Hello fellow reefers, At the next frag swap this weekend I am bringing 6 Salty Zappers for sale, at $65.00 a unit. Some members have tried contacting me, I am so sorry for the delay on replying to your messages (I have been dealing with a lot of family issues, I apologize), please try to make it to the swap this Saturday. If you can't make it and want me to reserve a unit, please contact me at [email protected], let me know and I will hold it for you. These are the last 6 units I will build with this design, I am in the process of shrinking the unit and changing the configuration. P
  4. I might be too late to post information, but here it is anyway. Regal Plastics can cut any type of acrilyc to spect and can help you with the assembly proccess. They will also help select the correct type of acrilyc for building a sump.
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