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  1. There are 3 colonies left and a dozen or so mounted pieces. I'd like to have them all gone this evening. I believe there are 3 pieces; top of the image (piece #1) middle single stalk (piece #2) with 6 heads and Bottom(piece #3). There is one head I want from piece #3. All of these pieces may have some Green Star Polyp on them. Below is the branching of Piece #3 Below are the mounted piece, most have 3 heads. In the below image the first piece is last piece of the above image.
  2. Major Colonies gone, I'll update with some new photos tomorrow.
  3. Hi Jacob,

    I have 3 people heading this way.

    I'll DM you once they leave and let you know what's left.

    How much do you want?

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    2. jacob cumberland
    3. JoelATX
    4. JoelATX


      You can park in front of the house.

      Text I'll bring parking pass.


  4. All I want to keep are a few choice heads. Large Colonies ONLY - Bring your own container. 5 Gal bucket size. The stalks are 8 to 10 inches. This is the kind that will bud once that stalk is exposed to light. Pickup here at my house, must wear mask, two people max. Would I turn down a donation, no. I can't even think about just putting it the trash, but it's gotten to that point.
  5. She's looking a little better, but I still can't get her to eat. This is the hard part, when?
  6. Yes. It took her several months to find it. The anemone must have liked the location I dropped it on. Hasn't really moved, occasionally moves the back side of the rock, but them back to the spot. She has rallied to live another day. In the mornings, she looks pretty bad, listing and kinda aimlessly floating around. Maybe she is still asleep. As the lights come on she does better.
  7. When is it time to euthanize her? I got Homie in the late 80s early 90s, but I'm guessing she doesn't have much longer. This morning I found her listing at the front of the tank and would not come to the top of the tank for food. She was not responding to hand movements in front of her. Her mouth is open and her gills are flared out (she been like this for a while, it's just more pronounced), skin is milky, you can see much of the bone structure on her face and eyes are a little protruding. She hasn't eaten anything to speak of for weeks, and has been obsessed with a new anemone.
  8. Yes I have lots, including a 10ish head colony.
  9. I was pricing for 3 heads at a time, but for just a single head, $10 to keep the math easy.
  10. Will you be stopping by this evening? I'm home from work usually by 5:30. I might be heading home from work a little early, fingers crossed.
  11. I broke down two more colonies. I've numbered these to make it a little easier to keep track of what I have ready. There are top down shots with side view on the bottom. I tried to note the numbers of heads on each plug. Pricing will be 3 heads for $20 or a single head for $10. If there is bone between the heads it will count as two, some of the "Splitting" will be two heads. Some of the hammers have some cool looking splatter on the tentacles. They are located in South Austin (78704), South Congress and West Milton st. Items that have sold: 8, 10, 11, 12 and 17
  12. I have 5 plugs ready to sell. 

    I also have plenty colonies to break down.

    I'm on South Congress, north of Oltorf. 
    105 West Milton St.
    Austin, Texas 78704

    Not available this evening (Wednesday) But hoping to breakdown more to plugs this weekend.

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