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Moving On Up - first upgrade to 90g




Nov 5, 2009 (copied from our original entries at http://livingroomreef.blogspot.com/)

So with my habit firmly in check, I convinced Laura that we needed a bigger aquarium and that it would be the perfect opportunity to finish the aquarium stand that I started building almost six years ago. In my last house I had a 29g freshwater aquarium much like our current setup but had decided to upgrade it to a 75g tank. Live got in the way, though, and after cutting out most of the pieces for the new stand I ended up shelving all the pieces without assembling them. Apartment life and fish aquariums don't make good partners so the pieces languished away in three garages before finally seeing the light of day again this past June.

Ah, the clash of hobbies. If I'd know when we bought are new larger aqaurium that it would take me almost five months to finish the stand I probably would have just bought one at the same time. Instead, I'm now happy to unveil our new 100% Michael Frame, hand-made, cherry and oak aquarium stand.



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