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It begins - our first marine tank (29g)




April 23, 2009 (copied from our original entries at http://livingroomreef.blogspot.com/)

After diving the Great Barrier Reef on our honeymoon last month, we've decided to get back into aquariums. Stephen is handling the tropical fish side and beginning his experiment with breeding Blue Rams. Meanwhile we've been working on setting up a 29g (30x12x18) reef aquarium in our living room. We got a great deal on it used from craigslist, and it came with a stand and Emperor 400 filter.

So far we have painted the back blue (outside of course), installed a Tunze powerhead, and added 15 lbs of live sand and 15 lbs of live rock. We hope to add more rock this weekend to the tank and some rubble into the Emperor (it's acting as our fuge). After allowing the aquarium to cycle, next on the list is lighting, a battery backup to deal with power outages, and introducing our cleaning crew. 

Follow along as we try to establish our own little section of the great reefs of the world. 



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