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226g Peninsula Tank Upgrade (current tank)




Sept 13, 2012

I've had my 90g tank for just over 3 years. Though I've loved it, and loved having it set up as a peninsula tank between my living room and breakfast nook, there have been some things I haven't liked about it.

I custom built the stand for it and always expected to have a matching 2' wide X 7' tall accessory cabinet to go along with the tank to hold all my reefing equipment/tools/controllers/etc. So we left a 2' gap between the tank and the wall. Focus on the tank took priority over woodworking, and then a family heirloom 2' butcher block table ended up filling that gap. It's constantly cluttered with reef equipment, food, wires, and salt overspray. I credit the abuse the table is taking with my wife okaying me to upgrade the 90g to my new 226g, as long as "we can rescue the butcher block and not have a gap between the tank and the wall" she said. That gave me plenty of room to play.

So our new story begins...

I was able to pick up a great custom aquarium stand from a member here. It's solid oak, 7' x 2' x 36" tall.

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