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  1. I've had these in my tank for over a year. About 2" each. Miami Hurricane. AquaSD Convict. $35 each. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  2. JF Beach Bum, Fox Flame and Walt Disney

    Fox Flame and Beach Bum sold. Only WD remaining.
  3. JF Beach Bum, Fox Flame and Walt Disney

    Thanks. Yellows seem to come out really well in my tank. Here's my JF Burning Banana colony. When I got it, it was more greenish, but turned to a brilliant yellow now:
  4. JF Beach Bum, Fox Flame and Walt Disney

    Fox Flame pending. Added actinic pics of Beach Bum and Walt Disney.
  5. These are WYSIWYG pieces. Pics taken under T5s: 1. JF Beach Bum Monti. Cut and healed for 2+ weeks. Original colony purchased from TopShelfAquatics. $130 SOLD 2. Walt Disney Tenuis. Healed for 2 months. $140 3. JF Fox Flame. Healed and encrusting for 2 months. $100 SOLD I live in San Antonio (stone oak area) but come to Austin on weekends. You can PM or text me at 512-540-5559 Beach Bum Monti Walt Disney Tenuis JF Foxflame
  6. Frag rack clearance

    Sent PM.
  7. Rainbow acan echinata large piece

    I have seen many multicolor echinatas. The nice expensive ones have this type of coloration. Definitely not infection. Looks like a very healthy piece to me. The green coloration around the edge is really cool.
  8. Brown corals

    I've never used MH. I only use T5 supplemented with blue LEDs. In my experience Odyssea T5s are sub-par. I've tried it. The difference between Odyssea and an ATI is night and day.
  9. Emerald crab killing fish

    Either way, if its an aggressive crab with a taste for fresh fish, you should remove it. But do keep an eye out for signs of fish disease such as ich or velvet. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. Emerald crab killing fish

    My bet is fish disease thats killing the fish and the crab is finishing off carcass. Have you added any new livestock in the last month. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  11. Miami Hurricane Chalice Frags

    Welcome back! Do you have a picture of the mother? Are these My Miami or Miami Hurricane? Thanks.
  12. Joining the ich boat :(

    I know of at least one person in the last couple months that got velvet from Divers Den. I'm not sure if the Live Aquaria portion of the company operates in the same facility or not.Aa far as wholesaler, can't say exactly but there have just been more reports about velvet lately. I hear about it being an issue in some LFSs and they got it from their wholesalers. While I can't really pinpoint which wholesalers, I can say that talking to some of the LFSs in town, that their safest supplier is usually Quality Marine. I got 5 fish lately from a different wholesaler and all 5 died of velvet like symptoms. I'm almost thinking of just going ahead and prophylactically treating all incoming fish for velvet these days. By the time you see physical symptoms, the fish is often good as dead already. Man this is so depressing. Yesterday the sunburst was eating fine and superficially asymptomatic. Today it stopped eating and had velvet/ich spots all over the body with slimy strings. Within 12 hours of noticing symptoms he is lying sideways on the sandbed. I am going to euthanize him. He won't make it through the night. This is definitely velvet. All the fishes in my tank were healthy before adding my LiveAquaria fishes. All (but 2) of the live aquaria fishes died within 7-10 days, and now the rest of the fishes in my tank are showing symptoms. I am almost certain it's velvet and it came with my LA order. I got some tough days ahead. Sad way to learn the absolute necessity of QT.
  13. Joining the ich boat :(

    Ty. You mentioned marine velvet being on the rise. Do you know what suppliers or retailers velvet has been associated with recently? I added some fish from Live Aquaria 2 weeks ago. Most of the fishes from the order didn't make it through the 2 weeks. Today I am noticing what appears to be velvet on my sunburst anthia, clowns, and tangs. The sunburst is showing all the symptoms of velvet. The clowns and tangs maybe in their early stage.
  14. What's your alkalinity level?

    I keep mine at 9. I just got the Hanna alk yesterday, and I'll be testing daily, so I may try 8. I dose carbon and keep it ULN so anytime my alk climbs over 10 I see burnt tips.
  15. DIY Skimmer or not

    The devil is in the details. With diligent work you may be able to get a DIY setup very close to a commercial one, and even pull out skimmate, but the performance will always be sub par. Think about the smooth body inside the reef octopus, vs the joints you will have in your PVC. The bubble plate hole sizes, number of holes.... Neck size, neck curve and angles. All of these small details have been fine tuned by reef octopus and other manufacturers.