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  1. I can pick up today/now, feel free to give me a call/text 512–665-1891. Thanks!
  2. I have 3 pieces of coral rock for free, the larger ones are appx. 12" high and make great corner pieces. Just pulled them out of tank and are sitting in water. They are free, but wouldn't turn down any small frags of gsp, zoas, or any corals
  3. Looking for new lighting. Currently I have coralife dual T5 lighting, but I would like Quad T5 lighting, preferably coralife lunar or aqualight pro series OR LED. Must be 48" for 55 gallon. I live in Pflugerville / North Austin Area
  4. Wanting to install a 10-20 gallon sump tank for my 55gallon. Looking for baffled sump tank, overflow box and return pump. I will be putting installing my coralife in-sump protein skimmer. Also I would prefer to have a section for a refugium but not necessary. Ideally im just trying to get my skimmer down below and not hanging off the side of my tank. THANKS!
  5. Hey Friends! Funkness, Definitely interested in some shrooms and GSP! I actually have a very small piece of GSP that came in on some live rock, and I think they are awesome, if you want to email me the details of when your available [email protected] i could swing by anytime. I currently have corlaife lighting with (1) 10K 54W T5 HO and (1) Actinic 54W. I would really like to get some LED's, but since I just purchased the bulbs I am going to wait until they burn out. The stand was the first thing I had done like this, basically it was my wife and all her 'cool things' for me to do that she sees on Pinterest, but it turned out. I spent total about $50 on a quart of aqua paint, some faux glaze paint mixed with ebony wood stain, sand paper and a Saturday. It was actually fairly simple, minus all the sanding.
  6. Hey everybody! I am located in Pflugerville and am new to the hobby. After 6 months and a tons of 'googling' hours about saltwater tanks I have finally joined the club. I have a 55g tank that I have had going for about 4 weeks now. I purchased a used non-running tank from a friend who just got too busy with work, I also purchased a stand that I have completely refinished to a vintage aqua blue. So after weeks of getting everything going and lots of money spent, I am ready for my first fish/coral! Talk about learning patience! Also, I would be interested in purchasing or even better having donated any small 'newbie friendly' corals or fish. I could pick up just about anytime/anywhere in the Pville/RRock/N Austin area. Any help would be appreciated!
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