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  1. As some of you know i got a promotion and will be moving to Ohio the first of Jan...that being said i have sold off most of my my live rock/livestock other then the two clown fish i have had almost five yrs, and corals/rock i couldnt part ways with as i have grown them out for so long or are more harder to find pieces...that being said i will be making this move in a u haul and its a 20 hour drive. I plan on trying to make this drive in two days and stopping once for a night at a hotel..i have styrofoam cooler that nikos reef graciously provided for me to keep livestock in. i plan on keeping in the cab with me so they will be in a controlled temp enviornment. i also am going to have everything bagged seperately. I was wondering if everything should be fine if not opened/aerated the whole journey? I am also planning on setting up a temp set up as soon a i reach my destination...Any thoughts or comments on what could be done better is much appreciated thanks James N
  2. Hey, i have seen in some of your recent posts that your are gearing more twoards sps....To be totally honest with you ALK is prob the most important param the i keep an eye on and i wouldnt cheap out on that kit, and for me i only trust the Hanna Alk meter for that,It has been a life saver and kept my piece of mind stable ever since i started using it...You can find it on amazon for about 40$...all the other test kits to me it dosnt really matter what kits you use...This is only my opinion though
  3. kingjames

    fire fish

    Check RCA after hours sale today, they always have a couple in and there gonna be 20% off
  4. Thanks guy for all the offers, Ty hooked me up pretty good, I just got my refugium set up and running but here in about a week i would like to take you up sasha on some of the other types of macros you have..Once again thanks to everyone who responded
  5. What are the ones that say cluster
  6. looking good chris..Those overflows come together ok?
  7. ya sorry i only was looking at the sps selection, i guess they are almost wiped out of everything anyway, the coupon code for the discount is "savealot" and can be applied at checkout if people just want to order sepretly, theres prob not enough on the site to get to free shipping
  8. Wanted to check interests to see if a couple people wanted to join me in this really awesome deal...175$ for free shipping, the deal ends on 9/29 at midnight so would like to get it in by monday afternooon
  9. looks like ill be making a trip up there soon bud..lol
  10. they have frags of this at Nikos reef...
  11. i would be down to do a group LED making session would be really fun, im a total DIY guy and have bbeen interested in makeing one for years...do you have any experience doing this chris
  12. Nem for sure..spiecies, not a clue?
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