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  1. 75 gallon upgrade started in May listing all pics to present
  2. mnmreef

    Purple Favia Coral

    canon T-3 with 100 F 2.8 macro lens of a purple favia coral colony in our 75 gal reef

    © DMH 2013

  3. mnmreef

    MNMreef's Corals

    Some of the corals we have in our 75 gallon.
  4. Loving my coral delievery from Jason Fox!!!

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    2. Brooks


      Very nice!! Congrats on the great new purchases! :)

    3. mnmreef


      Thanks Brooks!!

    4. Faron


      Nice! JF is one cool guy! I really enjoyed talkn to him at nextwave. He hooked me up! I love his basement!

  5. added a few pics to our gallery thanks for looking :)

  6. Yes we have had the same happen, it used to be everywhere and now just specks here and there. It is sustaining on my live rock but not so much on the glass as before
  7. mnmreef

    urchin mnmreef

    My lil urchin who likes to wear anything that is not tied down!!
  8. mnmreef

    miss coral

    Thank you she (as we assume) is a camera hog!! LOL
  9. new photos added to our gallery 6 months into upgrade enjoy!

  10. mnmreef

    IMG 1855s

    Thanks Vu-Deezy!!
  11. mnmreef

    sept 2011 tank

    @aqua girl Thanks glad you like it, I will let you know on the Xenia!! We are down in the Ft Hood area.
  12. mnmreef

    pom pom crab

    I am not sure if the tangs pick on them much as they seem to hide and they use the anemones for defense as well as gathering food. I have waited a long time and finally got these two little guys they are only about 3/8 inch big. LOL So still tiny and get lost in my tank very easily LOL
  13. Many thanks to all the Veterans, past , present and future . As a Veteran and spouse we appreciate the sacrifice you and your families make.

  14. mnmreef

    pom pom crab

    Symbiotic relation between the pom pom crab and the two anemones he holds in his tiny claws. Let the feast begin!!
  15. mnmreef

    IMG 1855s

    Reloaded as asked, Stating the obvious with our Clown for Halloween!
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