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  1. I had just found this too! Thanks for the internet sleuthing. For what its worth, if you use the BRS description of "Probe Soaker Bottle" - there's not a lot of options to purchase outside of a few bulk order options! "Electrode Bottle" did much better!
  2. Hey Guys - I need to get my hands on a couple of storage bottles OR the original "caps" for my Neptune PH/ORP probes to ensure they don't dry out on me. Example: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-ph-orp-probe-tip-soaker-bottle.html Unfortunately, from my example, you can see that BRS is all out! Does anyone have any bottles or the original caps, that you could sell to me? Thanks Greg
  3. Hey Bill! I still have the sand available. I'll PM you some details.
  4. Hey Guys - I got a bag packed with 4-5 Mexican Turbo, and 2-3 Nassarius (sp?) snails in a bag to whomever can come pick them up first. Just shoot me a message! Also, I have 60-80lbs of live sand free to whomever wants it. Its CaribSea Arag-Alive! Fiji Pink sand, and been in my tank for 5 years or so. Please bring your own buckets for the sand. All of these need to go today! Thanks! Greg
  5. TheKipf

    Fish to a good home

    Thanks guys - all are spoken for! I gave it to the first PM I got. Thanks for all the help and support!
  6. TheKipf

    Fish to a good home

    Hey guys - I had to move on short notice, and unfortunately, I think I'll have to be breaking down the tank. I have just a few older fish that I love - that I just want to be homed to a new good location. Mated False Perc Clown Fish Pair One Black and White (male), and one Orange. Coral Beauty Angel Seriously though - please if you come and get them. Treat them fairly. They've always been good to me and my family!
  7. Ugh - those little ********! Is anyone here an expert anemone catcher? I started with one last year... I just counted 15 in the tank... My attempts to catch them haven't been successful yet
  8. What's the prices on these three?
  9. Exploring an update to LED. Looking to see if anyone has two Kessil's for sale.
  10. Does anyone have a Mexican Turbo or three they can sell? Battling an algea outbreak and could use the muscle. Looks like the LFS are out of stock.

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    2. reeflover


      What have you notice negatively about zebra? They doing their job in my tank, something I don't know about them

    3. FarmerTy


      Kipf, I have both the zebra turbo snails and the Mexican turbo snails. They perform the same function in my tank except that the smaller mexican ones can of course navigate between the corals better.

      For urchins, I have 5 tuxedo urchins in my SPS-dominant tank. You need not worry about them touching your SPS unless yours are that much tastier than the 40+ varieties I have in my tank. LOL.

    4. Niko's Reef

      Niko's Reef

      They come out of the Cortez sea and they have been having massive die offs due to heat. They are starting to be available again, but the price is steep. Said they should start coming down on the price soon.

  11. Feeling dejected. Heater exploded on Monday when I was at work. Fish are hanging in, but it looks like most my SPS is done for. Hoping my LPS hold on as well.

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    2. FarmerTy


      I think you might have to worry about metal contamination as well from those glass heaters popping. Perhaps research a bit online on how others have dealt with a heater blowing? Like maybe using a polysorb filter pad or cuprisorb just in case?

    3. TheKipf


      Well, I called the manufacture, and the lad claimed there would be no sort of contamination for such a failure. Although, she didn't leave me feeling confident in her mastery of the subject, so I'm still uneasy.

      I still have some inverts living (although several snails and hermits died) so hopefully that's an indication that there's no contamination.

    4. TheKipf


      I hadn't checked out those filters/pads before. It might be worth running just in case..

  12. Prime Now: When you need a new Main Return pump delivered to your door in 45 minutes! Wow!

  13. Think I'm good on the sand bed. It's by no means a DSB - but my Yellow Corsi did a fine job and digging down and hiding there until he was acclimated. I also use a glass top that covers ~90%+ of the top of the tank. So far in the 90 I only have the one wrasse. (I think you might have confused madsalt's reply - it looks like he has a 180g tank). Any favorite Reef Safe wrasse suggestions? Was leaning towards a male leopard wrasse to add in with the Yellow. I feed almost purely Rod's foods to the tank.
  14. Hey Guys, Just wanted to get some local input on the topic. I have a small (peaceful) Yellow Corsi wrasse in my tank. I was thinking about grabbing another wrasse to join in the family as well, but I've heard some concerns around keeping multiple wrasses in the same tank. 1) Would 'mixing' breeds of Wrasses be bad - and does it vary by species? 2) Could a 90g support multiple wrasses / breeds of wrasses assuming a 'yes' on #1. 3) Do you have any suggestions for other peaceful wrasses (I've heard some grumblings around irritable 6-line wrasses for example) Just wanted to get stories or thoughts - thanks!
  15. I'd love to get a name down for one of those orange polyp sps!
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