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re-attaching a carnation


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I recently picked up an orange carnation coral (Scleronephthya) from prof. After some initial setbacks (learning it needed shade and to be hung upside down and fed every day) it finally acclimated and opened up in my tank. Georgeous piece of coral.

Today (about 2 days since i got it hanging and saw polyps) I look in the tank and it looks like it was ripped from the base. The whole piece is maybe an inch and a half. There is a 1/4" foot left on the rock and the rest is hanging by about 1/8" of flesh still attached to the base. It very much looks like one of the clowns decided that it needed some lovin and did his thing to it. The coral that is hanging down looks just fine but the polyps are not coming out. Where it is ripped it looks like a torn piece of sponge.

Any suggestions on if I should do anything to try to reattach, and if I do what? I was thinking of thin fishing line with needle and thread and tieing it to the rock. The other part of me says to just leave it alone and maybe it will fix itself. Any Ideas?

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Drop of superglue gel might work if there is enough base left. Thread, fishing line, rubberband, mesh, can all be used to hold it in place. You could also pinch it between a couple of rocks. You might also get new growth from the original base.

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