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135 g Custom Rimless Cube Aquarium

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I'm selling my brand new 135 gallon rimless cube (36"x36") aquarium. It was just set up in May and all the equipment is brand new. Here's a list of the equipment I have:

Digital Aquatics Reeflite computer with digital temperature probe

Protein skimmer

Automatic dosing pump

Red Sea wave maker pro

Black stand and hood with built in fans for cooling

Lumen Bright 3 400W 10,000 K MH lamp with dimmable ballast

Aquamedic 150W 20,000 MH lamp

2 Maxijet 1200's with modified upgrades and magnetic holders

Return pump (mag drive 5 and 7)

Reverse osmosis water filter

Brand new bucket of salt

Enough 2 part solution to last a very long time

Testing kits for all necessary parameters

Tons of miscellaneous equipment

Fish food

I have very matured live rock with tons of sponges and coralline algae and polyps. I have several species of polyps and mushrooms as well as a few different sps colonies. For fish I have a flame angel, a maroon clown pair, 5 chromis, firefish, yellow tang, blue tang, and falco hawkfish. Also blue linkia star, hermit crabs, snails, a rose bubble tip anemone, and other sessile corals. I'm asking for $1800 for the entire set up. Please email me for questions at [email protected]

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It sounds like a very nice setup and I've seen many tanks try to be sold as a package. Rarely do they sell as one, and most of the time the owners end up parting them out. So you might have individual prices in mind as I'd expect you'd get lots of requests for individual parts.

That being, said,

What do you want for:

- Rose Bubble Tip

- 2 part solution

- bucket of salt (what brand is it BTW?)

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With everything given, if you had the same setup, how much do you think you guys will sell this today?

You do realize this is a 2 year old thread, right. If you have a similar setup for sale lmk, I looking for one....reasonably priced.spiteful.gif


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