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blue/purple teal acan frags


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I decided to frag my blue/purple/teal acan colony b/c its just too big for my tank. I'm selling a couple frags based on $20/polyp as these polyps are large - 1"-1.5" on the mother colony when fully inflated.

First come, first served. You can paypal me if you want to reserve your frag, but it needs to be picked up by Tuesday, July 7th @ 8pm. Note: if you do paypal, please add 3% for the paypal fees.

Here is the mother colony under actinics:


Frags under 14Ks:

#1 $40 - 2.5 polyps


#2 $30 - 2 polyps


#3 $30 - 2 polyps - a nice streak of purple on one of the polyps SOLD


#4 $10 - partial polyp SOLD


#5 $20 - single polyp SOLD


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Man I wanna grab one of these, but I think that my goby would just bury them.

put them on a rock. My pink spot always had spots where he'd build his mounds so see if you have a place on a rock that he doesn't sit and put it there.

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I picked up one of the 2 polyps and its just fantastic. Get yours before it is gone.

thanks, I've got 2 nice sized pieces left, then they're gone as I'm not interested in fragging the colony for a while.

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