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Looking for Koralia #4s or live rock


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I have just bought a couple of tanks (75G and 65G) and have recently been setting them up. I went a little crazy buying all kinds of little coral frags without going through this site first. It seems that this is an expensive hobby. I have managed to buy a couple of skimmers, a sump, and have even driven down to South Padre last weekend for some of the truly live sand since the amount of sand that I need is quite a lot. I am thinking of going down again for more since it comes with a lot of coquinas (clams) and many other little critters that are truly beneficial to the tank environment. Anyway, I have ran out of money to continue to buy new and was wondering if someone would sell me one or two koralia 4s at a fair price. I am also in need of some live rock since I need to fill up my tanks. I have quite a few corals from acro frags to zoanthids but not enough rocks to place the acros high enough to the light. I have them artificially suspended. I guess that is what I get for trying to set up two tanks instead of just purchasing everything for one and not doing the research on the care of every specific coral that I purchased until I already had them in the tank and began to wonder why the were beginning to loose there bright color. I can not just put one tank aside now since my wife now calls it hers. Now I am stuck having to set up both tanks on a buget... Shiz nit! If anyone has a Koralia 4 or some live rock at a fair price, let me know. Also if you are interested in some of the live sand and would like to work an exchange let me know as well. If I leave to Mustang Island, it may be early tomorrow or early Saturday....

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Ok, I have just bought a new Koralia 4 from River City Aquatics. Since I am new to the hobby, I did not know how strong this would be. Lets just say that for my 75G aquarium this is a little strong. I have to place it in a position where it does not empty all of the sand to one side of the sandbed. If you have a 2 or a 3 that you may want to sell, let me know.


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