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Memorial Day weekend project


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This project was to simplify fresh and salt water mixing and delivery.

First, the parts:


Dry fit:


An "inside" view:




Final setup:


A little documentation of how it works:

Ball valves are 1-4. 1 is at the top, 2-4 are left to right on the second row, as pictured. There's a Mag 9.5 in each trashcan.

1 & 4 open, 3 closed (pictured): Deliver RO/DI water through the hose via RO/DI pump

1, 2 & 3 open, 4 closed: Deliver saltwater through the hose via Saltwater pump

3 closed and 2 open (also pictured): Mix saltwater via Saltwater pump

1 closed, 2, 3 & 4 open: Deliver RO/DI water to the saltwater trashcan via RO/DI pump

Also notice that with 1, 2 and 4 open and 3 closed I can mix saltwater and deliver freshwater via the hose if I turn on both pumps.

One thing I need to do is an external fill indicator on the saltwater can for filling. For now I have to lift the lid to peek until it hits my mark.

I also have a 4 switch power strip ordered that will let me leave everything plugged in and just flip switches to turn on the appropriate pumps, rather than plugging and unplugging the pumps.

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You could always change them to zip ties or plastic hose clamps.


One of the reasons why we got the plastic barrel from Austin homebrew----they're translucent and have markings embossed on the outside, in increments of 5 gallon mark.

That's what I'm looking for!

I definitely wasn't happy with those hose clamps, but I couldn't think of the other options.

Either those or the zip ties..I was just stuck and grabbed those. The hose isn't tight enough to stay on by itself.

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