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Loosing Zoanthids

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Can anyone give me some assistance??

I have several different zoanthids that are getting this brown type film on them. I have been told to dip them, but it doesn't seem to work and only seems to be spreading to different ones throughout my tank.

My questions are:

1) what is this stuff?

2) Is it something that we are doing or not doing?

3)How can I rid my tank of this stuff?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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I put the infected colony in a tupperware of tank water, then add hydrogen peroxide till tiny bubbles form on the brown slime. Doesn't take a lot of hydrogen peroxide and they don't have to fizz, but see bubbles start to form.

Then, get a soft tooth brush and GENTLY brush off the gunk.

Rinse with tank water and put back in tank.

Zoas will usually be PO'd for a couple of days, but they will open up again if you catch them early enough. saved my PPE's

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