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Some nice corals for sale!


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I will be selling these corals first come first serve. They can be reserved with a Paypal if you won't be able to come over right away.

1) 1" w/ about 3 branches for $35


2) 3 frags available of the Watermelon in a Blender Chalice. $35 each


Three bad pics of the frags and 1 really nice one of the frags.



3) Green Goblin Favia (WYSIWYG) $35


4) ATL Sky Blue Loisette (I can't get a good pic of this for the life of me) 1.5" for $25

5) WYSIWYG ORA Chips Acro. This thing is stunning. The pic does not do it justice at all. $25


6) True Superman Monti $35 for the 1st pic and $30 for the 2nd. I have 2 of the $30 available



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7) Tyree LE Strawberry Patch Monti. Approx. quater sized frags for $45. (2 available)


8) 9 Head Kryptonite Candy Cane for $65


9) ORA Blue Green Tort 1" $15 (with purchase of something else)


10) Meridiana 1" for $35


11) Tubs Mystic Blue for only $20 an inch!!!


12) Tyree LE Cyphastrea Japonica. Frags will be fairly small but for only $20 you can't go wrong.

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Thanks Chiu. It was very nice meeting you and I hope you enjoy the corals.

Jennifer, I will have to work on those...or maybe you know somebody that would want to trade her great photography skills for coral (hint hint)

Anytime ! :D

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