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Birdnest for sale


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While doing maintenance on the tank I kinda broke the one of our birdnest colonies. Robin trimmed it all up nice and neat but I have a bunch of frags for sale.

The prices range from $5-$15.

PM me interested and thanks for looking.


Here are the ones for $15.00 all others are mounted on plugs. . .




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Hope you didn't stab yourself on the tips. I have done that before. Nothing like BN under the skin.

No need to move it to do arrange the rock work and dropped in the bowl Robin had for it. :D

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Here are what's left of the $5 frags


Sorry, the Purple Pocillapora is for Cindy.

WHOOAA!! :D Nice.....that's going to look great w/our bright green and pink stylophora.

Thanks Dave & Robin,


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