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Does B-Ionic Calcium Buffer Expire?


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I was wondering how long I can use the B-Ionic Part A & B? The lot number (the date the bottle was sealed) is 053107. The price tag is dated 6-07-08 and I know I have had for over a year.

Part A seems to percipate when ever I drip it into the return pump area of my sump. Or, is this nomarl?

Thanks in advance,


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The carbonate portion of the 2 part does precipitate easily. You have to add it very slow. When I add mine I find it best to add in a high flow area of my return in the aquarium. I started out adding in the fuge and did get a precipitate. When I add slowly to a high output area I do not if I add very slow.

CaCl2 and carbonate do not go bad.

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