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angry pink milli

don duncan

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Well there seems to be trend about spring break emergencies.

My pink milli's polyps are not extending. The other millis are doing fine, full extension.

I checked the water and parameters are ok.

salinity 1.024

ph 8.3

calcium is a little high 550

Alkalinity is 11dkh

Magnesium is also a little high 1550

All other parameters are fine. I did a water change today so hopefully this will remedy itself

Any suggestions as to why the milli is closed up.

no one is picking on it.

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If polyps are extending at night but not in daytime......maybe is getting irritated by something. Are there any other corals within reach of each other? Good lighting and water flow (which you probably already providing) is essential for those long polyped sps. Besides your water parameters.....what fish do you have in there?


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Fish include

Clowns, manderian goby, watchman goby, sailfin tang, coral beauty, wrase of some type.

The coral is opening more now, but not as much as before.

We almost lost our pink milly to RTN when our lights went bad. - the blue and green millis were totally unaffected,

but the pink was the first to react to "old lightbulbs" losing correct spectrum.

since we put new bulbs in a few months ago, (and chopped off all the RTN sections) It has since recovered.

How's your doing now ?

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