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Question about Ma957 Co2 Regulator by Milwalkee


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I'm piecing together a Calcium reactor. I was wondering what is being used out there. I was thinking about the Ma957 Co2 Regulator but I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your input,


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I see the Ma957 "CO2 Regulator w/Solenoid

Diaphragm Valve & Bubble




at Aquacave - that's a much better deal than most regulators alone..

I was stupid and bought all these pieces separately and the solenoid cost me $80 alone (locally). (ahem)

If I had to do it over again - this looks like the way to go. especially since it includes the bubble counter AND needle valve!

(Sigh) -so I live, and learn..

so I had paid 89 for a bottle, another 80 for a regulator, another 80 for the stupid solenoid..then I had to "invent" my own needle valve (pita!).

Now I see this whole thing for 89! - crapskies..:)

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You did good - I followed that link and scrolled down to the Ma957 and it says:

"It features a needle valve and bubble counter along with a solenoid valve."

That's a good package deal.

Did you get the Milwaukee PH controller?

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