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**** Crabs!


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Are y'all sure crabs are necessary for a healthy tank? I had a frag of blue zooanthids that were perched on a shell. They were doing nicely as of 8:00 am this morning. NOW they are gone and a red legged crab is walking around in the shell. The little blues are nowhere to be found. I have a strong urge to introduce that crab to Mr Hammer.

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Some people have crabs that eat zoas. Mine have always ignored them.

Asking people if they think crabs should be in a reef tank is like arguing over Ford vs. Chevy...there are two camps and people are very loyal to their opinions!

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They probably just cleaned them off before using it (the shell) as a new house.

I don't think they ate them - so look around the tank or use a puffer (turkey baster) and puff

away around the rockwork. You probably find them sooner or later and can re-glue.

they "might" be stuck to a pump screen, or already taken the long ride to the sump (look in there too).

the good thing is, they will survive a long time without light - so sooner or later if they didn't get shredded

by pump impellers - they'll probably turn up. You'll probably be staring at a rock one day like I was

and go "what'r those.... BOOGERS!?!?"

and there' they'll be!

(Anything in/on a shell is likely to get a hermit's attention. - sp I never had luck using shells for very long as zoo mounts)

I had some hermits once... they just rip reach other up fighting over a stupid shell that wouldn't fit either of them anyway,

so I thought they weren't exactly the brightest candles in the sandbed.

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