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Looking for equipment for 75 gallon tank


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If anyone wants to sell something below or has an opinion or idea about a different way to go I would like to hear from you.

Things I am looking for include


Overflow box

rock (live or dead)

sand (live or dead)

T5 lights or Metal halides (can't determine best way to go here)

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I have not taken the tank down yet. I will have about 100 lbs of live rock with several large pieces and about a 3" sand bed. Also I have a 48" Coralife Aqualight Pro with 2-150w, 2-96W Pcs. and moon lights. The 150 watt bulbs are XM 15K and are about 2 1/2 months old and the pcs are about 2 months old. The lights I used on my 75 reef that I took down 3 weeks ago when I set up my 175. The rock and sand will be from a 75 fowlr tank that is still set up and running. It also has a like new Euro Reef RS 80. If you decide any of these items will work for you, LMK. 254 718 5823

Thanks, Wade

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