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Arrogonite live crushed coral/large live rock


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I've got approximately 200lbs of this from Subsea that I won't be needing. It is still live, but will surely have some die off. I'd like to move this ASAP...tomorrow after work preferably. It is in 2 twenty gallon long tanks and each is a little less than half full. It was from an established tank so it will definitely be stinky. And it is a larger grain size and basically looks like crushed coral rather than sand. Would like $50 obo.

Also have a large rock that I can't make room for in my system. It's approximately 12"x12" and maybe 4" thick. It's a HEAVY piece that I couldn't hold comfortably with two hands. I don't know the exact weight, but would guess 30lbs. It's covered in little micro dusters and coraline. I'm taking off the shrooms in the picture, but will keep a couple on if you want one. It also has some GSP on it, but that can be scraped off if you don't want it. The photo was taken after I put it in my sump...only place I had room. Asking $40.

Will entertain offers!!!




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