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I'm back


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Hi, guys,

I used to hang out here quite a bit, but I got out of the habit. Now I'm back. :thumbsup:

I have a 29 gallon tank that I bought a damselfish for before I knew anything about keeping a marine tank. He died a few days ago as the result of an accident. After I cleaned a powerhead, it fell off the glass overnight, so it was blowing sand all over the tank. It hit a kinda-deep pocket. (Joey liked to arrange the sand to suit himself.) Either there was something toxic in that pocket or the sandstorm just went on too long before I saw it and moved the powerhead. I know I couldn't put any other fish in with him, but I'm sorry to lose him anyway. Other than a few hardy nassarius snails, he was the only visible critter in the tank.

So now I'm looking at restarting the tank. I suppose I should put the details of that in Reefkeeping. I also have a much larger tank (245 gallons or so) that I bought a long time ago from a fellow ARC-er, but time and money has kept me from getting it set up yet.

Anyway, I know this is a good place to come to hear what other people think about things. I'm glad to be back.


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