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free: many aquarium items


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These are free. I would prefer to just give the whole box away, but can give away anything you want. frags are appreciated but not necessary.

5 air pumps of varying sizes and 20' of tubing.

1 battery powered air pump.

1 digital light timer.

1 CO2 natural plant system.

3 power heads.

2 under gravel filters.

1 large dragon airator decoration.

1 medium ship wreck decoration.

2 heaters. 1 neptune 50w. 1 penaplax, do not know wattage, but is around 1' long.

2 coralife hydrometers.

1 bag of bioballs.

1 crocodile airator decoration.

various filters.

10 gal with lighted hood.

and a 30gl long.

that is most everything

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