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Hey all,

I got an LTA from aqua dome a few days ago. It seemed to be doing really fine the first couple of days in the spot where i put it, though the clowns wouldn't and haven't taken to it. Then i noticed it had moved to the other side of the tank. I was told that they move around quite a bit and hence didn't do much but stare at it for a while. I had to pull him out of my koralia pumps twice and moved the pumps around a bit until I found a way to not have him get sucked right up into it. Today he looks like he is dying or something. He is about 1/3 the size he was when i got him and some of the tentacles are curling and a brownish color. some still appear to be alive. I gave him a tiny piece of krill which it seemed to enjoy for a bit but he just seems to be motionless.

Anyone have any idea what could be going on? any chance of nurturing something like this back to health? any help is appreciated.



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Do you have any pictures? If so, it would help if we could see them.

As anemone's move, they're trying to find a spot to put their foot (the cylindrical base) in. Long tentacle anemone's are one of the sand-dwelling anemones that require at least a 3.5" substrate. In most cases, a mobile anemone is an unhappy anemone. While moving around, they also have a tendency to sting other corals in your tank. One of the most important things you have to remember is to LEAVE IT ALONE. Give it a 1-2 week "resting" period.

Anemone's, much like SPS corals, are prone to more stress than most. They display this by expelling their zooanthellae out of their bodies, having their mouth open as to expose their guts, and by being mobile.

It is, however, relatively normal for LTA's (or anemones in general) to shrink up in a very small state. Anemones become larger by what is basically, inflation of the water surrounding them. They also deflate by expelling the water out of their bodies, and essentially cleansing themselves and expelling waste. Needless to say, it is possible that your anemone is expelling the water from the tanks at Aqua Dome, and re-inflating itself with the water from yours.

I would leave your LTA alone for a few days, and see how it does. However, while being mobile it WILL sting your other corals if you have any. So if possible, guard your corals with a net as you see him move, or move them to the opposite side of the tank where they cannot be stung.

Good luck!

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Sounds like normal stress to me. My BTA's moved around till they found a happy place, now they don't move.

My LYA moved like crazy till he found a perfect (better than where I would have placed him) spot. Plenty of deflating/inflating during that time.

They are dead when they won't attach to anything and drift around your tank.

Give it some time and keep an eye on him.

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