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Getting ready to reseal the 180.   I'm almost done with the cleanup.

Looking for reef safe silicone.    Apparently, all the GE products now list themselves as 'mold resistant' so that is a bit concerning to me.

Found these two on the web.    Anyone use either before, and have opinions about them?

I'm leaning towards the ASI based on reviews from around the internet.    Also, thinking 3 tubes will be more than enough for the 180.   I'm not a caulk noob so I won't waste much.




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I've used American Sealant products befre and you should be able to find a high strength silicon from them.  Kraken I've never heard of before.  This is the first Iv'e heard all GE silicones are mold resistant, GE silicone 1 used to be untreated for mold.  That could explain why Kraken is being marketed as safe for aquaria. 

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I'll go with the ASI   They have it on Amazon and BRS.  It is rated at 500# tensile strength.

BTW: I'm NOT being a wild man and removing the top trim.   There are 20# of silicone on that top trim.  It is going to be used as is!

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Rim's not structural on that particular tank anyway, only reason to resilicone it would be if it's pulled away from the glass.  It has a glass divider and if you look at the corners there's a miter joint.

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I did a lot of research on this when i was building my tank. If you havent done your tank yet, i would go with these. If you already have, hopefully this will help someone else looking to seal their tank. 



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