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WTB following items


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2x 65w PC Actinics (any really, preferablely new or no mor than 2 months used)

2x Koralia 2s or Tunze 6025

1x Maxijet 1200

Any 4 fan clip on system (aquatek fans)




And if you have any junk pump that you can toss in for free to keep saltwater mixed.


Can't offord all of this, just bits at a time until I sell my 55g full setup (pitch :) )

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Is the caulpera seperate? I have heard that they can destroy tanks in their sexual fase. Still interest though.

Its all mixed up in my fuge. doesnt seem to be hurting anythinf in my tank though. If I put a handful on a feeding clip my fishalways eat the caulerpa real fast first.(30) minetes. and then later thru the day choke down the chaeto.

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