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Sump tank


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I am looking for a sump tank, 20 gallons preferably that has that has the dividers set in place.

I am no longer physically able to do a diy, as attempt number 2 failed. I do not have the strength to squeeze enough out the tube or use a calking gun.

My first attempt I have to guess was not enough caulking because all 4 partitions failed. After cleaning all that up I sealed it again, waited 3 days and put another seal on top. Today after three days to cure the first 3 failed I did not wait for the fourth because I figured it was a gonner too.

I have to use a press to get the caulk out and use a finger to apply it. Maybe the oil from my fingers?

I spent all I could afford on all the new equipment, and for what they charge for the ones online it would be months of putting money back to afford one. That along with my new skimmer, I would run into trouble with the dimentions.


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