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A few corals for trade (lookin' for sticks)


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I'm running out of room. I'm putting these up here to see if anyone on here would be interested in trading for some SPS. I'm located in Circle C (SW Austin)

- Elephant Ear Coral. This thing is absolutely huge. Given the space it exceeds 12". Hasn't eaten fish. In fact this is my preferred bed for my starry blenny.

- "Yellow" Leather Toadstool. Also huge. I'd guess when it's fully open (this pic was taken in the AM), almost 12". I've also never seen it yellow. Something about my tank's lighting/nutrients makes it brown. If this gets traded and turns yellow in your tank, there will be some minor resentment.

- Fox coral. Since upgrading my lighting (I absolutely blast this tank with LED), my tank is no longer suitable for this coral. As you can see in the pic, it won't open fully (usually it's expanded 3x whats pictured)





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