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75 gallon and equipment


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Hello folks, I am getting out of the hobby for a while and I need to sell my 75 gallon reef ready aquarium and some supplies. The aquarium is in good shape but has a couple of small scratches, nothing major. This tank has been drilled with a 1 1/2" bulkhead and includes the following.

75 gallon aquarium

WOOD stand painted black

Black custom canopy w/ led moon lighting

T5-HO lighting w/ new IceCap 660 ballast (comes with additional VHO bulbs and T5-HO bulbs)

VHO endcaps (if you wanted to go VHO)

PVC plumbing w/ disconnects

30 gallon sump/refugium (would suggest a 29 gallon for ease of maintenence but this one works fine)

Mag Drive 7.5 return pump


several capped 5 gallon water jugs w/ handles (water changes!)

brand new bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro reef salt

B-Ionic 2 part calcium/alk. system ( about .5 GALLON of each left)

Calcium test kit

Alk. test kit


Im sure there is more that I plan to throw in but I am tired and need to go look so in addition to this Im sure there will be more surprises included. The aquarium is currently set up and is running as a freshwater planted aquarium. The gravel, plants, fish and DIY CO2 injection is included as well. If you dont want the fish and plants, please let me know so I can find them all good homes.

Asking 450.00 FIRM. Cash only, must have a way to pick up. Everything goes with the tank as price listed. Not interested in breaking up.

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Yep, still available. I have lowered the price to 350.00 O.B.O. I need this out of my house!

Price drop to 250.00. If I cant sell it for this I am going to dry it up and store it but would rather not have to. I cannot upload pics currently but could arrange to meet to see the tank. For the dollars that I am asking I think you will not find a better package.

512-850-1267. Please leave a message and I will try to call you back as soon as I can.


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This buyer fell through. I have another pending sale and if it falls through I will get back to those who are interested in the order I have been contacted.

dang i would come pick this up right now with cash.

let me know within the day if not good luck on the sale

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